announce new membership pricing a portal for you to quickly find the sitters nearby your area with simple function register and find. All of the United States, is said to be one of the biggest sitter finder service as it has about over a million of caregiver profiles. It's one of the most trust able portal across the nation.

Now during 2011. Sitter City has not yet launched the new promo code but instead it announces the new membership pricing which are shown below

New Sittercity Membership Pricing:

* Monthly Membership - $35/month
* 3-Month Membership - $70/month# (33% Savings)
* Yearly Membership - $140/month (66% Savings)

This means, if you're looking for more options in joining, here they are! Now sitter finders can select more choice to register with some small fees, longer period ( 3 months ) and even renew the subscription to 1 year and get up to 66% Saving!