Coupon VS Sittercity Promo VS

The discount that we're going to talk about here has nothing to do with the babysitters to register with both of the sites but for parents and care seeker to be able to register with either of the site and get discount promotion by using these special discount code. ( this comparison has nothing to do with the site comparison and sitter service comparison but coupon discount only) The coupon code and promo code definition is different by its meaning, the coupon, as we know is working as the coupon to help customers to get discount on purchasing products and services from the store, however, for promo code ( in which sittercity promo code that is) is also working as the coupon code but its meaning is the promotional code that has been released as a method of promotion of products or services. Now, if you do not know that to register with and as a care seeker or service seeker, you would need to pay them some registration fees which might go up to as high as $200 per year. But there are some techniques and ways to save on these registration fees which is to use coupon code and promo code. In this article, we would like to compare the use of coupon code and promo code to apply in order to register with either of the site and see which one would be more worthy that will help parents to save some budget and to be happily registered with either site.

10%, 15%, 25% Coupon/Promo Code, Who's the best?

We can also see that and offer quite the same discount rage when we actually calculate and you might be wondering of which service to go for?, by considering the coupon codes and promo codes that has given, usually issues 10% - 15% off promo codes very often and we can hardly ever find coupon codes that offer higher value than 15% ( there has actually been 20% off promo code but not very often ). However, on the other hand, customers will usually find offer higher value discount coupon code and most of the time it goes up to 25% discount. This is the point where we should consider. If promote 15% promo code as its top discount rage, that means, if we're going to go for the highest membership rate at this site, we need to handle $140/year and which means we can take 15% off that will reduce the price down to about $119 per year or about $9.99 per month only. But for promotion code, if we're to select to use the highest discount coupon at 25% off on the top subscription package per month at $120 minus 25% and it's only $90 per year or it's only a little over $7 per month.


10% OFF subscription

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15% OFF Subscription

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10% OFF premium membership at

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15% OFF premium membership at


20% off a monthly, quarterly or annual membership to until 9/30/2011

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20% OFF Registration! until end of AUGUST 2011

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10% OFF Registration! (Extended through APR 2011)

So wins?

We would have to say "NO", because the simple logic is that, if knows that its promo code and its pricing does not beat and still keep it on like this without value added service, it should never have setup the company! But at the matter of fact has something to offer the customers when they choose to pay $2 more instead of joining The first one is the detail search function in which does not have as well as the free 1 week trial for the customers to try the feature and function of before deciding if they like the service. These are the value added in which is having which still make them to continue to receive more member joining everyday! Now, we did not say that isn't doing a good job and only reduce the price to pull attention. But because wants the pricing to be more attractive and thus offer more options for the customers to select to subscribe with them.