Babysitter In the City Working with children in Sports and Recreation

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Indoors and outdoors, sports and recreation activities are very appealing to children. After school, and especially in the summer, they can be a lot of fun. What’s more they are very healthy activities, as they discourage a sedentary lifestyle of too much TV, too many video games, and too much time in front of the computer. They also benefit children because they help them make new friends and to feel better about themselves. Interesting careers await those who wish to help children gain sports skills or enjoy their recreation time. These careers truly present an opportunity to combine avocation and vocation. Karate aficionados can spend their workdays introducing children to the intricacies of this sport. Former basketball players can share their skills with children eager to follow in their footsteps. Camp counselors and directors can help children develop a love of the outdoors. YMCA/YWCA instructors can introduce children to new recreational pursuits. All of these careers let individuals share enjoyable activities with children.