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Team sports leagues for children have taken the place of casual games with neighborhood children. As a result, a great number of children want to improve their skills, and their parents are eager to help them do this. This has opened up a wonderful variety of careers for those who wish to combine a desire to work with children and sports. Of course, few children will ever go on to become sports superstars; however, sports can bring children great enjoyment and satisfaction during their school years and can lead to a lifetime of interest and participation in sports activities. Through sports, children are able to learn many different skills, including ones not just related to sports, such as:

• Handling defeat and victory

• Being part of a team

• Making a contribution to a group effort

• Learning to follow rules

• Learning how to play fair

• Learning how to overcome adversity

• Disciplining their emotions

There are opportunities for careers teaching children such sports activities as swimming, gymnastics, tennis, golf, bowling, ice-skating, bicycling, basketball, baseball, horseback riding, archery, badminton, ice hockey, soccer, scuba diving, fishing, or fencing. Parents are willing to pay for both private and group instruction in sports to help their children gain skills that may lead to participation in a team sport while in school, a possible professional sports career, or simply a lifetime of enjoyment.