Jessica Donaldson, an eighth grader, has already been babysitting for more than three years. Starting at such a young age has become common because of the shortage of babysitters. Jessica does not establish a price with her clients. Instead, she feels that most people pay her a fair wage. The families that hire Jessica to babysit expect her to keep the children out of trouble and to clean up any messes made by the children. Jessica believes that the major task in babysitting is to keep all the children entertained. She always asks families to provide her with specific information about how to reach them, when they will be home, and special directions for mealtimes, bedtimes, and any medications that need to be given.

Jessica has solid advice for prospective babysitters. She advises them to begin by going on a job with an experienced sitter to see what the job entails. Jessica believes that babysitters need to prepare for this job by learning how to change diapers and finding out what kind of things children of different ages like to do. Also, it is important to keep babysitting fun for both the sitter and the children so it does not become a routine and boring job. Jessica points out that the test of being a successful babysitter is being asked back again and again because the children love to have you.