Advice for Elder Care

Sittercity and Advice for Elder Care

Advanced age, unfortunately, is often accompanied by dementia, whether from Alzheimer’s disease, strokes, small and large, or any of a number of other illnesses. By some measures, half of those over 85 suffer from dementia. The more severe the dementia, the more assistance seniors need getting through the day. To find sitter for senior care, you can always visit, during the payment page to subscribe to look for sitters in your territories, sittercity coupon code can be used to reduce the subscription price.

Seniors with dementia can also be at great physical and financial risk due to their own risky decisions and their susceptibility to abuse, either physical or financial. Depending on the situation, protecting seniors with cognitive impairment, as well as those around them, can be difficult.

What can family members do when a parent should stop driving, but refuses to do so? What if the parent responds to every telephone solicitation that comes their way? What if a loved one refuses help in the house or resists moving to an assisted living facility?

In many instances, seniors can be cajoled to do what’s best for them—but as with my client, that’s not always the case. In such instances, there is the legal remedy of guardianship. Unfortunately, as we shall see, the law can be a blunt instrument.

Guardianship proceedings are problematic on a number of levels.
  • They take away the protected person’s rights – he can no longer make decisions for himself.
  • He is declared to be incompetent, which can be hurtful.
  • There is the cost of hiring attorneys and doctors to get through the process.
  • The protected person’s situation and finances become part of the public record and the guardian and conservator must make annual reports to the court.
  • Finally, depending on the state, many financial and estate planning steps that may be advisable can only be taken with court approval, which causes delay and increases legal fees.