St. Patrick’s Day Ideas

St. Patrick’s Day is celebrated in many countries around the world, and in different ways by many. Regardless of how you choose to celebrate, you’ll want to wear a bit of green on St. Patrick’s Day to avoid getting pinched by another. Here are a few craft ideas to do with the kids to help you get in the spirit for March 17th. This is just in case that you will not be around. Let a Sittercity helps you with the child care. Register with now with coupon code to save more

Wear It:

Lucky Charm Rings: Materials needed: green, white, or gold pipe cleaners, white craft glue, green food coloring or green paint, cotton balls.

For each ring, wrap the pipe cleaner around your finger (size small if for a child’s finger). Dye three small cotton balls green by dipping them in green paint or a dish with green food coloring (or just use green pom poms from the craft store). Let the paint or dye dry. Glue the three green balls on the ring with craft glue. Once dry, the ring is ready to wear!

Lucky Charm Pins: Materials (may want to use a variety to design your pin): glitter, glue, green construction paper, gold sequins, safety pins.

For each pin, trace the size of your shamrock you’d like then decorate the shamrock using your imagination and any materials listed above. Once you are satisfied with your creation, cut out your shamrock, then weave the pin through the design and fasten it to your jacket or shirt.

Eat It:

Eggs: Scramble up some eggs just the way you like them then add some green food coloring to them prior to adding them to the pan.

Pancakes: Make pancakes just the way you normally do, but add green food coloring prior to adding them to the pan. When you go to pour them into the pan, instead of pouring one or two separate flapjacks on the pan, pour three small pancakes next to each other, making the shape of a shamrock. Garnish with some fresh spinach leaves and enjoy!

Gift It:

“Pots of Gold”

Materials needed: green tissue paper, ribbon, recycled paper towel cardboard roll or recycled cups from egg cartons, a bag of green or yellow M&M’s.

If recycling egg cartons, use scissors to cut each cup from the carton. If recycling paper towel roll cardboard, cut two inch pieces, keeping the cylinder in tact. Lay each cup or piece of cardboard on top of a paper towel-sized piece of green tissue paper. Fill each cup with either green M&M’s or yellow M&M’s (a healthy alternative is to use almonds in place of the candy, or make a trail mix). Gather tissue so it wraps around the cup. Pre-cut 12-inch strips of gold, white, green, or black ribbon. Tie ribbon around gathered tissue so that the cup of treats is on the inside of the tissue. You should have nice little “Pots of gold” to give to your friends. Optional: attach little messages to each ribbon.

Play It:

Scavenger Hunt: find the pot of gold. Materials needed: Paper, pen, imagination, “pots of gold”

Create a scavenger hunt game with the pots of gold you made (above). Each pot of gold will have a ribbon with a clue attached to it, giving you a clue to where the next pot of gold can be found.