Sittercity Adopting a Child

Feel like adopting a child? or you're not able to have one? There are 4 main points that you should know before adopting ones. Visit Blog

Towards the end of the adoption process, families should think about their childcare needs. Families may chose to hire a sitter, work with a day care center, or stay home with the child. Each family has different reasons or circumstances for choosing to go back to work, to work from home, or stay at home with the newly adopted child. Whatever your decisions and circumstances are, work with your childcare provider to make the transition into your home a smooth one for your new family member

1. Should I adopt domestic child or international one? There are points to determine

a. the costs of both, the cost can go up to $40,000

b. the wait time (depending on the country and child chosen, wait times can be significant, or, in times of urgent need for placement the wait time can be minimal)

c. the number of children available

d. medical and social history of the child

e. legal concerns of each process

2. If choosing a domestic option, the next decision you need to make is whether you will choose private adoption (newborns/babies), foster child (older children and siblings) and whether you have a preference of choosing a child with the same ethnic background as yourself, or if you are prepared to raise a child from an ethnic or racial background different than yours. You have already, or may want to, consider adopting a child with special needs. Many times, the costs associated with adopting special needs children are lower and wait times are shorter.

3. Determine who will assist your family with the adoption

4. Once you’ve done your research and have determined which options are best for you, you will want to begin the adoption process. While the process is slightly different for domestic than it is for international adoption, the process is essentially as follows:

f. Make contact with an adoption specialist who can answer all of your questions and concerns.

g. After you have researched which adoption service or agency you are planning on using, request an information packet.

h. And Lastly, try to Create an adoption plan