BabySitter Code of Conduct

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The International Nanny Association has adopted a Code of Conduct to promote professionalism and ethical practices among nannies, educators, and those who employ and place in-home child care specialists. By virtue of their membership in the International Nanny Association, members agree to abide by this Code of Conduct and to support quality in-home child care for the world’s most valuable resources— our children.

Responsibilities to the Child A Sitter shall:

• Respect each child as a human being and never knowingly participate in any practice that is disrespectful, dangerous, exploitive, intimidating, or psychologically or physically harmful.

• Maintain a safe and healthy atmosphere that encourages optimum social, emotional, intellectual, and physical development of children.

• Provide various learning opportunities through which a child can explore and utilize his or her continued personal growth and development.

• Recognize the unique potential of each child, encourage questions, and present answers that children can understand.

• Keep abreast of current activity in the areas of childhood development through continued education, either formally or informally.

• Work toward promoting knowledge and understanding of young children and their needs and act as an advocate for children’s rights.

• Be familiar with the signs of child abuse and neglect and be knowledgeable of procedures for dealing with them.