The International Nanny Association has adopted minimum standards for nannies specifying that a nanny must be at least eighteen years of age, have completed high school or the equivalent, and be in good general health, with proof of immunizations and, where required, negative TB test and/or chest x-ray. The one qualiļ¬cation that all nannies must also have is genuine respect for and devotion to children. The association also lists the following skills that nannies need to have:

• The ability to work in isolation without the support of coworkers

• The ability to handle new and different surroundings

• Knowledge of the basics of taking care of the physical and emotional needs of infants and young children

• The ability to handle an emergency

• Basic knowledge of child development

• Good communication skills

• The ability to be organized 71 Working as a Nanny In addition, families expect nannies to have no history of alcohol or drug abuse and a safe driving record and almost always prefer a nanny who does not smoke. And of course, it certainly helps if a nanny has a sense of humor.