BabySitters are the elite of child care workers and are enjoying rising wages. The actual salary that a nanny receives does vary widely based on where the nanny lives and the nanny’s qualiļ¬cations and experience. The 2006 salary survey of the International Nanny Association showed a range of weekly earnings from a low of $300 per week to a high of $1,000 per week. These results are shown in Table 5.1. Monthly salaries for live-in nannies in Canada vary from C$1,400 to C$2,000 while those for live-out nannies go from C$1,900 to C$3,000.

In addition to a salary, nannies may receive paid health insurance, room and board, a car to drive, travel to exotic vacation spots, membership in health clubs, and an opportunity to attend college part time. Some families even pay college tuition for their nannies. An International Nanny Association survey shows that more than half of all nannies receive paid sick days and national and religious holidays. About one-third of the surveyed nannies received two weeks paid vacation, use of an employer’s vehicle, and paid personal days. Plus, 20 percent of the nannies received 100 percent employer paid health insurance.