New physics data have been reported by researchers at Inje University

We find a new black hole in three-dimensional anti-de Sitter space by introducing an anisotropic perfect fluid inspired by the noncommutative black hole," scientists in South Korea report.

"This is a regular black hole with two horizons. We compare the thermodynamics of this black hole with that of a non-rotating BTZ black hole," wrote Y.S. Myung and colleagues, Inje University.

The researchers concluded: "The first-law of thermodynamics is not compatible with the Bekenstein-Hawking entropy.."

Myung and colleagues published their study in European Physical Journal C (Regular black hole in three dimensions. European Physical Journal C, 2009;62(2):405-411).

For more information, contact Y.S. Myung, Inje University, Institute Basic Science, Gimhae 621749, South Korea.

Publisher contact information for the European Physical Journal C is: Springer, 233 Spring St., New York, NY 10013, USA.

Keywords: Physics, Thermodynamics, Inje University.

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